Another one of the blogs that keeps popping up in my journey is Atlantic-Pacific.  I've been checking in for quite some time and love the looks she puts together.  In a tumblr journey the other day I found this image:

...and went on a very determined hunt to find the dress.  
First I searched the image back to Atlantic-Pacific. 
Then I found another post in her archives featuring the dress:

Then I searched online for this Adam dress for what seemed like ever. Safely call this one 'slightly obsessed'. No luck. Dress sold out everywhere. Then I thought "hmmm, we look about the same size, maybe I could email her and she would sell it to me.  

Then I realized I was slightly crazy.  

So check out this fabulous fashion blog. It will no doubt inspire you to mix up a few items you already own, or shop for a few pieces to create a look.  I look forward to seeing what she mixes together each week for fresh takes on current trends.  Here is one of my latest favs:

I love a good boyfriend jean and a striped top. It is fun to see another take on the look. 

Do you think she would sell me that dress?

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