Hudson Grace

Flipping through Lonny Mag I had to stop and linger over the images of Hudson Grace, a new store in my old neighborhood. I used to happen upon these new stores just by walking down the street with my coffee on a Saturday morning but now I view from afar and wish I could just pop in and look around.

Hudson Grace is the concept of Monelle Totah, a former VP of product design at Williams-Sonoma and her friend Gary McNatton an award winning product, fragrance and package designer. There are so many talented creatives working in San Francisco at the corporate offices of places like Williams-Sonoma and to see them break out on their own and start a new business is exciting. San Francisco is full to the brim with creative talent. I hope I can bring a bit of that to you here on the blog.  

At Hudson Grace they believe that in simplicity there is longevity. A core concept of this blog and a voice I try to convey here. Also a key idea when we concepted Canvas Interiors (if you are new to the blog look up top at 'inside canvas interiors' for a peek at the store). 

This store inspires me.  I hope you like it too. 

You can check out Hudson Grace here
and the Lonny mag article here

images: Hudson Grace

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