see through: lucite lust

I am on the hunt for a square, large lucite coffee table for our living room. Easy you might say? Oh and did I mention I would like a vintage one? Well, yes it is relatively easy to find such lovely things but the price tags are steep.  To find the right table for the right price is my challenge of late.

So for now, I look and lust for lucite.

I had to include this image - love the console... hmmmm
maybe a console instead?

The exterior of our home has a very specific look.  Think "north of France country home".  My hope is to instill a little 'old meets new' vibe by adding pieces like this to the mix.

Here are a few vintage finds from 1st dibs 
incase you are in the market...

this one is a signed Charles Hollis Jones c. 1970
 but a tad too contemporary for our space. 
 listing here

this waterfall table is beautiful but alas we need a square.
listing here

I absolutely love this one ... but alas we need a square. 
listing here

So my hunt continues. The good news is, I love hunting vintage finds so this will be fun. 
Square.  A tad 'transitional'. Clean lines, unique. 
Wish me luck!

images found: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

ps: if you are in the market for such a table, link #7 will take you to more resources

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