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I love sharing things I find along the way.  Today's post all started on pinterest with an image of a beach deck. A few clicks down the pinterest path and somehow I ended up at this delicious restaurant design via the blog delight by design which lead me to Milk and Honey Home.  It is amazing how fast a pinterest find can lead you on a visual journey.

Aqua Coastal Sushi in Rosemary Beach FL

Vintage collected meets well curated and gives this space subtle tone and texture. The banquet gives it just the right amount of fancy. Lovely vibe don't you think?

In reading back through Milk and Honey's blog posts I see that they had a clear concept and achieved it. Results like this are always inspiring and it doesn't hurt to have what sounds like a nice client who has a vision and good taste. 

The custom tables were built by Lamon Luther. I just spent 1/2 an hour on the website and am in awe. The story of how this company came to be is worth checking out when you have a quiet moment.  I will let you know, you will probably shed a good healthy tear if you watch 'our story'  -  I did... smiling at the amazingly touching story. 


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