school house rocks

A little virtual trip to Park City Utah today...

I came upon a little article about the Washington School House last spring and was excited to discover more about it.  Built in 1889, this Park City Utah landmark has been transformed into a luxury hotel. I stored the info in my files for a more ski-appropriate time of year and I'm thinking this is that time. I saw this image today on pinterest and it sent me into my 'draft' files to finish this post. 

I just revisited the website and am still as blown away by the whole idea of the place as I was last March. The images speak for themselves. Inspired design using luxurious fabrics, vintage pieces and most of all... restraint.  Everything is so well curated I can't stop looking at it. Three words come to mind: Simple.  Luxurious.  Creative.

The creative team behind this project knows what they are doing. 
Right down to the photography and the tone of the brand.  

Look at the little bench in the image both above (end of the bed) and below (up by the railing)... this is a lofted one bedroom suite. Sweet.

imagine how many little feet walked up and down these stairs

This hotel is on my must-visit list.  

Check out the website and story here.  There are a few vintage pictures and a brief history of the school which is always interesting. 

My hat is off to this creative team.  
Unless of course I am in Park City at the Washington School House in the winter. 
Then my hat will be on, my skis over my shoulder. 

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