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Hello and hope you had a lovely weekend. Today I thought I would try something new. Just a few random thoughts on things that caught my eye over the weekend.

Swedish style blogger Elin Kling designs a collection for Marciano.  Yes, that Marciano as in Guess.  But this is not the stuffed-bustier-pouty-lips Guess of yesteryear. This girl has serious style and it is a really interesting collection.

I am intrigued by the T-strap thing (these from jcrew)
could be fun to try for a little something different

Havaianas boots... I know - we all love the Hunters but these are fun (and less expensive).

And possibly the best news I learned all weekend is that three fabulous UK brands are now housed under one roof and available in the US.

You can find oasis, coast London and warehouse all together on  I am seriously excited about this!  You will find a large selection of really fun and affordable goodies - especially fun for those holiday parties. 

I will collect more totally random things as the week goes on and share them next Monday. 
Maybe a new tradition?  

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