This fall I am coveting the man-style oxford.  I realize they have been having a fashion moment now for a couple of years but I just haven't been ready.

For years I wore regulation-issue black oxfords with my school uniform and it has taken me a long time to be able to think of the black oxford as 'fashion'.

However, last year I bought a pair of black brogues and dipped my toe in the oxford water again. I wore them once or twice, and then defaulted to my riding boots and Converse.  Well guess what?  I'm ready!  I'm dusting them off this fall and wearing them. A lot. And to ease the transition I think I will look for a cognac or light brown pair and wear those first.  

With boyfriends, skinnies and a few things in between,
I am excited to dust off the brogues!

Thanks for coming on the fall fashion tour with me this week.  

Now back to the beach. 

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