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So as I was diving through my closet yesterday I realized I have collected so many things that I really have only worn once. Time to edit. 

I am in a big 'letting go' phase in my closet.  Trying to simplify my choices.  Thus my post yesterday about simple cotton dresses and comfy tank tops.  I am craving simple elegance with a touch of laid back cool this summer.  

I went back to my crowded closet and got the urge to not only clean it out but organize it.  For real.  Out with the old, and in with the new...perspective that is.  Clean, simple, easy, unfussy.  My summer mantra. 

While the images below are not really 'simple' they are inspiring me to organize, edit and make my closet an uncluttered zone.   

I love this last one... Jenna Lyons of course.  
A whole bedroom for a closet. Now that sounds dreamy. 

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