mirror mirror

We have quite a few large floor mirrors in the store and it got me thinking... would this work in our house?  Would it work in yours?   Big fabulous statement I think.  The light that bounces around from a nice big mirror during the day is a welcome addition to any home.  The evening's soft light also loves a good mirror.  Light a few candles and create a mood.

Here are a few from canvas interiors... and a few other ideas below.  I am curious about trying one in our living room.

And some inspiring design ideas from around the web waves...

traditional lines of the mirror sit nicely in a sleek bathroom

a little romance in the bedroom

a large statement in a cozy space

I love how this one beckons you to enter

a beautiful spot to get dressed

After looking at these images,  I am now on the hunt to find a big white or gold one just to add a little sparkle to the store floor.

And perhaps our living room.   

a little ps on the canvas interiors website:  
Many have asked where and when and the answer is soon!  We had a great photo shoot at the store this week and are editing images for the website. We are almost there... we are excited to get it up and running!  Stay tuned...

images found:  1, 2 & 3 moi // 4 // 5  // 6 // 7 & 8

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