whisper pink

As the sole chick living in a household of fellas, I feel a longing for pink.  When I shop for little girl birthday gifts I am so excited. Giddy in fact.

When it comes to my boys I do cool mellow fella colors with a dash of purple for the 6 year old. When it comes to the house - its white, tan, champagne.  The store... the same.  But the one color I do love is a light whisper of pink.  Maybe it is Valentines Day and all the pink I am seeing everywhere, but my heart is going pitter patter for pink.

So I will design my girly dream day here.

First, I wake up in the morning to a sunny fresh room, preferably after 7am.

Then, I wander into my bathroom for a nice long hot shower, fresh white towels waiting...

My Mr. K. has left me a latte and fresh morning flower.
Then he has left the house with the little fellas so I can enjoy a quiet day.  

I get dressed, grab my bike and ride to the market for more fresh flowers
and baked goods.

I put the pink flowers in the ...

...guest room

In the afternoon I have a cup of tea in my coziest sweater and scarf

And take an opportunity to look at some of my favorite books
wearing a sweet pink skirt and grey tights.
Cozy sunshine is of course streaming through the big tall windows.

The kids are home, bathed, fed and sleeping (thank you fabulous sitter)
Then its time to head to the drawing room for a cocktail with friends 
before going out to dinner

refreshing pink cocktail...

Then on to dinner in a smashing pink outfit, 
not before snapping a few photos of the gorgeous pink-ish sunset

Our friends get into the spirit of things on the way to dinner

After dinner, we head back to the pink drawing room for pink champagne and yes...

...pink cake

What a beautiful girly day I have had.
It is time to wander back to my pink bedroom, tuck in for the night and dream pink dreams.  

Until next time...

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