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There are a few celeb-girls I like to keep my eye on for fashion fixes.  Alexa Chung is one.  And I do like those Olsen twins.  The one celeb-girl that has been piquing my curiosity for a while is Blake Lively.

What I like about her choices is that whether on the street or on set, she seems to be comfortable in her own skin. I hear she doesn't use a stylist in her day-to-day and red carpet looks, which makes me like her even more. 

sparkle with an edge

city girl





casual chic


mysterious and cool

Michelle Pfeiffer 1982

I think she will be one of the girls who gets better with age, owns her style, and makes spot-on fashion choices.  Kind of like Michelle Pfeiffer.  That woman always looks fabulous.

So here is to looking fabulous by staying true to your style.   

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