full circle: Omega Too

I am lucky enough to have a bunch of really talented creative friends.  Art directors, designers, photographers, writers. I love it when these friends circle back through my life in unexpected and inspiring ways.

I first met Mark and Vanessa Bell when Mark and I worked together in San Francisco Ad Land.  Since then we have both moved to other ad jobs, other cities and eventually other creative adventures.  They moved back to the Bay Area years ago and are the creative duo behind Omega Too. 

made from a collection of found & repurposed items,
this industrial farmhouse inspired birdcage light is a one of a kind

Fast forward... I stopped by a friend's house in Winter Park (FLA). She has just finished building a fabulous new house that is filled with treasures she has salvaged from a Chicago salvage yard.  Beautiful old doors, stained glass windows and other unique finds.  

It hit me like a ton of Chicago brick - these two people need to connect!  I knew she would love Mark and Vanessa's eye for collecting vintage things and making one of a kind custom lighting.  They are extremely creative and hands on people.  Mark makes magic out of reclaimed items and Vanessa's lighting design is beautiful.  

Here are a few more of my favorites from Mark and Vanessa Bell's amazing world of unique lighting....

Vanessa Bell fabric pendants

made with a repurposed industrial stainless mixer

made from found vintage heaters 
and old holophane square shades

made from salvaged old heater coils,
motorcycle gears and a vintage shade

They also do custom iron curtain rods, beautiful custom wooden doors
and of course the amazing lights. 

You can read more about Mark & Vanessa here (they are really nice) and find them on Facebook here.  

If you are looking for something unique with a vintage story, Omega Too should be your first stop.

images courtesy of Mark Bell/Omega Too


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