sunday at canvas

We unpacked more treasures Friday, and by Sunday the floor started to feel really cozy. I know that word is kind of 'charming', but it describes what happens when you add a bit of patina to the white simplicity of the furniture. We already had the sparkle on the floor with the mercury glass, silver and gold accessories, but this new layer adds a bit of caramel creamy warmth to the place.    

And the ever-so handy Mr. K wrapped our logo letters in canvas and hung the store signage on his handmade wall... big reveal at the end...  it looks great!  

image disclaimer again... crazy lighting sorry! 

 round dining table with just the right amount of patina 
and that giant mirror is amazing

these are very tall - great statement pieces on a buffet or mantel

you have to see and feel this one in person... caramel, tufted and gorgeous

the table has a great tone to it, the big bowl adds texture

we call this the 'Hollywood' bedroom and it evolves daily...
 i like the warmth of the wood with the cool black & white



This week we await throw pillows, candles, coffee table books and artwork.  These are the final touches that will add yet another layer to our canvas.    It is hard to believe we are almost ready.  It is an exciting time!  Behind the scenes the website is being worked on and will be up and running with an ecommerce site in a few weeks.  

The doors are 'softly' open if you live in the area and want to take a peek.
Official launch day is January 26th!


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