sunday at canvas (opening week!)

Well folks, this is it.  Opening week!

You've seen the progress from this:

to this...

a lot of hard work and white paint later...

Thank you for checking out the 'sunday at canvas' series.   It started as a way for us to chronicle the journey from an empty space to a concept realized.  And may I say that your enthusiasm and encouragement has been invaluable. You know who you are dear friends. You mean the world to us and your collective excitement means more than you know.

I will post random store updates from time to time as new things arrive.  As always, you can check out the canvas interiors facebook page for regular updates on product goodies, events and goings on.

The blog will evolve, the store will evolve and the two will cross paths here and there.  As soon as the canvas interiors e.commerce website is up and running I will link to it from the blog so your beach chic fix (say that 3 times fast)  is just a click away.

Next step:  Launch Party this week!
I will post some images after the party and then take a big long nap.  


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