its a wunder

Somewhere in my quest for images of white interiors I stumbled upon this image from lookslikewhite:

I then started digging around the web-waves in a slightly obsessed fashion.  I found the interior designer is Jayne Wunder and I absolutely have a design crush.  Her design is serene, warm and substantial.  It is such a fantastic combination of soft and strong. Clean lines and cozy.  Refined and relaxed.  

Here are more images from Villa Orpheus on Mykonos:

I tracked down the rest of the images on Vartnya hem. It is a lovely story of a couple falling in love with a vacation destination, getting married there, and then continuing their love affair by buying the property next door to the chapel where they got married. They bought the chapel too!  Great story, great vibe.

And if you are ready to book your holiday in this dreamy villa, here is the link to the rental info: 


  1. Love this! Beautiful stuff going on in that brain of yours!

  2. Thank you miss J - I wholeheartedly appreciate your feedback. xoxo


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