I must talk a bit about Denmark.  Mr. K. is head to toe Danish.  Although he grew up in the US of A, he was born in Denmark and spent his childhood summers there with his grandmother .  He still has many ties there so we have had the pleasure of traveling there often.  And I absolutely love it.  We have been there pregnant, then with one infant, then with one toddler and one infant, then with two toddlers.... and every time we are there all I want to do is put the littles in the strollers and walk.  I will talk more about the fabulous city of Copenhagen in future posts, but here I will share with you my great desire when we are there next.  To RIDE.

With the littles in a front loader like this one...


(well, not really)

Mr. K.
(well not really)

These images are from one of my favorite blogs.    I hope you enjoy them and get inspired to ride.  And when you see Mr. K. pedaling home with our Christmas tree next year though our neighborhood, you will know that we finally imported one of these babies from CPH.


  1. Great blog! Love your taste. I'm excited for your store to open.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback :)


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