sunday at canvas

I spent a little time at the store over the holidays.  The lighting is really starting to shine.  Sorry, could  not resist...

I put a little collage together of some of the beautiful pieces we have so far.  

1. This is silver and clear crystals.  I love how the crystal beads hang down through the middle. 

2. This thing is HUGE.  The picture does not do it justice.  

3. These pendants have a golden glow to them when lit and have a mercury glass finish.  

4. I love this pendant.  It is actually quite big. We have 3 of them grouped together and hanging at different heights.

5.  This lamp is delicate and tall.  The shade has a nice linen texture to it which you can see when its lit.

6.  A coconut bead chandelier... very pretty when lit.  It kind of glows.

7.  This is a nickel lamp base with texture hammered onto it.  

8.  Another big one.  Sparkle and shine without being too 'Victorian'.  We have it hanging over a zinc top table.

9. A sassy little lamp - white and shiny from top to bottom with a silver lining inside the shade.  

So the countdown is really on now... we are opening in a few weeks!  Can't wait to see how people respond to it.  We are crossing our fingers that we have brought together pieces that people are excited about.   


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