sunday at canvas

The unpacking continues as new shipments arrive weekly.  The layers of texture are really starting to take shape against the backdrop of neutral toned sofas and sectionals. 

Here are a few more goodies from the latest day of unpacking and tinkering.  Some gorgeous dining tables and a few sparkly bits as well. 

The shipment that just arrived in the warehouse and is in the process of being unpacked is the icing! I can't wait to share that with you next.  I think I might wait until after the Holiday rush.  Giant chandeliers, zinc top dining tables, and more...

image disclaimer: please excuse the bad lighting and crazy shadows

this tray is big and beautiful

i love this with a simple clean-lined sofa

the rug texture is amazing

gold hurricanes, have them in silver too
they are very tall - big statement

most of our dining tables have simple lines but we liked the whimsy of this one

rusty iron and delicate all at the same time

This table is hefty yet clean lined.  The chairs are 'stay at the table for a long meal' comfy. And washable!

I wish you a week full of friends, family, libations and sparkle.


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