let there be white

While I love a little color here and there, my choice has always been to create a white environment for myself. Starting when I moved to LA at the age of 21,  I would head to the Rose Bowl and Long Beach flea markets every month.  A girl on a budget and a mission, I would haul home all kinds of treasures.  These treasures had a common theme:  shades of white, cream, sand and taupe.    

My Cali addresses changed over the years from LA to SF, but the basic white sofas remained the same.  The white McCoy pottery collection grew and is happily displayed today in my FLA zip code.    

Here are a few white bedrooms that caught my eye.  They have very different personalities but all of them feel cozy and inviting.  

weekend getaway

summer crisp and clean

cozy European flat
images 1, 2 & 3 found: flickr

Looking at these white bedrooms got me nostalgic for my SF apartment.  I found these gems from 2002  taken in my cozy white Washington St. digs:

 self portrait 2002 (note the ancient 'media center' and the tummy-baring tshirt - hey it was 10 years ago...)

 the collection 2002

flea market finds 
(I found this cabinet in LA for $80 in 1990 - it became my nursery changing table 16 years later)

My taste has evolved over the years (less distressed flea market stuff, more clean lines and refined) but one thing stays the same... a simple white starting point.  If you stay true to your basic taste you will always feel at home. 


  1. there it is...the collection that got me hooked on mccoy, redwing and all beautiful pottery. i love the blog and can't wait to see more. xoxow


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