cuff 'em

Another jeans post ... this time the opposite of my skinny jean Converse friend Aerin Lauder (we are not really friends, it just sounded nice).  The rolled up 'boyfriend' jean has long been a uniform of mine.  Ask any and all who have known me for a week, or 20 years and this is a long running theme with me. Whether with ballet flats, motorcycle boots or Converse, throw them on with a little soft T and go.  Cute, stylish and most of all, oh so comfortable.  Had to share these ladies sporting one of my favorite looks: 

found: whowhatwear

And so it is not the Converse I talk about today, it is the jeans. Rolled up and comfy, resting on the hips, loose and sassy.  Ballet flats, wedge boots, flip flops.  Try it!  


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