canvas interiors... thinking about fall yet?

I think I am being tempted by pre-fall fashion right now. Blues and greys and black... these colors are slowly slipping into my mind. I bought a pair of black boots today. It is 94 degrees outside.

It got me thinking about Canvas Interiors and the shift that takes place on the floor around 'back to school' time. And I decided to do a little exercise. Kind of a Canvas Interiors inspire/desire thing.

I shot some pictures in the store the other day, then went to our website and pretended to be shopping. I looked for what I would add to the pictures below to achieve that shift from summer to fall...

In my pretend shopping trip I would add a few chunky throws in cream and grey. Change out tabletop items from shells to things with a tin and metal feel. Switch out pillows to grey's and blues. Add a rich grey and black rug and voila.  

This was a fun exercise. Hope you enjoy the little infusion of Canvas interiors 'stuff'.  If you would like to see more you can visit the website here


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