May I just say, I used to have a preconceived notion that Birkenstocks were for old people with foot problems. I stand corrected. In my Birkenstocks. I can't tell you how much I love them. They are cool. They are comfortable and they are so frigging good for my neuro-sensitive tender little feet. Heels and I don't get along very well. Wedges and I are friends. Birkenstocks and I are besties. 

While my husband recuperated from surgery conveniently right when we needed to move, I moved mountains in my Birkenstocks. I didn't realize I had them on every day for weeks while packing, lifting, toting, loading things in to my car and repeating the process at the other end.

Wear with a maxi dress, jeans skinny or otherwise, or just about anything you throw on in the morning.

My favorite, the Copper Gizeh which I can only find on the Birkenstock website. I prefer the 'soft footbed' version.  

See below for a few other favs, including rubber. Yes rubber. Good for a rainy day or the beach.


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