There is something nostalgic for me about Spring Break. My first big fashion moment was on spring break in Virginia Beach when my Mom took me shopping and I picked out a pair of peach bell bottom jeans and a stretchy rainbow belt. I remember the store dressing room. I remember every detail of both of those items.  I remember how cool I felt wearing these magical new clothes. I was 8.

Grown-up-me still loves the idea of the fashion of spring break. But grown up me is packing for two little boys and my style staples tried and true are the way to go. No peach jeans for me but alas, I have the memories.

I start with an army jacket, white jeans and a chambray shirt.  All 3 of these items can be mixed and matched many different ways. And all 3 are a great transition from spring through summer and right back in to fall.

Pair a white or black silk tank with white jeans and heels at night. Chambray shirt left open over white tank and lace shorts.  Army jacket - well just any and all ways to wear it. Think chilly AC in restaurants and throw it in your bag.

Speaking of bags I will be back tomorrow with my new favorite travel bags - the India Hicks new Riviera Palm collection.  I'll be packing mine. In the meantime if you are curious you can shop it here. 


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